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 Amy MacDonald DSC9616Emsland Arena, Lingen, Germany
19th March 2017
Amy MacDonald + Newton Faulkner

If you think of AMY MACDONALD, you have her song ‘This is the Life’ immediately in your head. Amy is a star since she stepped into the light with this song and the same titled album in 2007. Any of her albums was awarded with Platinum. Several gold awards are hanging on her walls as well. Those facts should be enough to prove her qualities: her folky and slight melodies along to catchy lyrics are her secret recipe.

The other secret is to take time producing a new records. So it took five years until her latest album was released on 17th February. Some of the songs were already been played during last year’s summer festivals. Now, you had your chance to listen to the new songs, as well as many older gems, during her shows in Germany. We were in Lingen and brought some nice pics for you.

Newton Faulkner

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Amy MacDonald

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01. Under Stars
02. Don't Tell Me That It's Over
03. Spark
04. Youth of Today
05. Mr. Rock & Roll
06. Dream On
07. Slow It Down
08. 4th of July
09. Pride
10. Listen to the Music (The Doobie Brothers cover)
11. Poison Prince
12. Automatic
13. Love Love
14. The Rise and Fall
15. Run
16. This Is the Life
17. Never Too Late
18. Life in a Beautiful Light
19. Prepare to Fall
20. Down by the Water
21. Let's Start a Band

You’ll get Tickets for Amy here: Amy MacDonald 

Interested in the Music of Amy and Newton? Check it out here:

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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