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threedaysgrace13Palladium, Cologne, Germany
14th October 2018
Three Days Grace - “Outsider” Tour 2018 - Support: Bad Wolves

Cologne just seems to love some good ol’ Canadian Rock shit. I am referring to THREE DAYS GRACE (or ‘3DG’), who have sold so many tickets here that the gig has been upgraded from the Live Music Hall to the more spacious Palladium. Which is basically good news not only for the band, but also for also for potential visitors, as the ventilation system of the Palladium is just so much better than the virtually non-existent one in the Live Music hall.

THREE DAYS GRACE made sure you won’t be getting cold or bored. Few bands have such an extensive back catalogue of hits from their 25-year history. Songs like ‘I Hate Everything About You’, ‘Painkiller’, or ‘Riot’ reminded you of some good old times in your past, while outtakes from the band’s latest release ‘Outsider’ demonstrated that 3DG are one of the few bands capable of surviving the departure of their singer, which underscores the incredible talent of the other musicians. The evening was opened by BAD WOLVES, warming up the audience very well.

Bad Wolves

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01. Officer Down
02. Learn to Live
03. No Masters
04. Remember When
05. Better the Devil
06. Run for Your Life
07. Hear Me Now
08. Jesus Slaves
09. Zombie (The Cranberries cover)

Three Days Grace

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01. The Mountain
02. Home
03. The Good Life
04. Pain
05. Infra-Red
06. World So Cold
07. You Don’t Get Me High Anymore (Phantogram cover)
08. Just Like You
09. Love Me or Leave Me
10. Get Out Alive
11. Painkiller
12. Break
13. Let You Down
14. I Hate Everything About You
15. Animal I Have Become
16. Never Too Late
17. Riot

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All Pictures by Thomas Eger

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