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Jugglers, knights, proud Vikings - as the years before, Wacken will become a three days and nights long joyful festival for friends of medievally touched sounds (from acoustic till hard). The fourth edition of the Wacken Winter Nights takes place from February 14 to 16. The following bands are already confirmed: SCHANDMAUL, CORVUS CORAX, PRIMORDIAL, EINHERJER, HEXVESSEL, METSATÖLL, LINDY-FAY HELLA (WARDRUNA), BALDRS DRAUMAR, NYTTLAND and RELIQUIAE.

Helge Rudolph comments: “After three successful years, the Wacken Winter Nights opens round four in 2020, because the visitors enthusiastically accepted the experimentally started festival in the cold season, although the idea seems to be a bit crazy at first glance”, says the project manager. “The chosen area has proven right and meets all demands. With this, we have reached an optimal starting position to undertake a further expansion over the next few years - whatever may come. The programme also will be a consequent further development of the previously offered cards and will offer the fans of medieval rock and folk, pagan and Viking metal everything, what their hearts desire. We are a bit proud of, that the first announcement already includes top-class acts.”

Parallel with the first bands to be announced for the Wacken Winter Nights IV, the ticket sale starts for the event from February 14 – 16, 2020. Ticket sale link:

Ticket prices
EUR 89.00 Early Bird Ticket (limited to 1,000 items)
EUR 99.00 for a regular three-days ticket
Optionally, every customer can order an exclusive t-shirt as bundle for EUR 14.99.

With SCHANDMAUL and CORVUS CORAX, two top acts from the so-called German medieval rock scene enter the Wacken Winter Nights stage for the second time. Currently, the Munich chart toppers occupy the German album charts on number 2 with their tenth album ‘Artus’. SCHANDMAUL gained a reputation as virtuoso instrumentalists and great storytellers. Moreover, CORVUS CORAX are said to be busy inventors, who also care for authenticity when it comes to their medieval instruments and contents. Lately, the guys from Berlin performed the stage play ‘Der Fluch des Drachen’ at the Wacken Winter Nights, and young and elderly of the audience were full of enthusiasm for almost three hours.

Another well-known crowd pleaser is PRIMORDIAL. Because of their audible folklore influences from the green island, the Irish belongs to the primary stock of the pagan metal scene, and the same applies for the Viking metal band EINHERJER from Norway. From the home of the Normans comes LINDY-FAY HELLA. The WARDRUNA front woman presently takes a solo path and her debut album is brought to stage at the Wacken Winter Nights. HEXVESSEL from Finland with the BEASTMILK/ GRAVE PLEASURES singer Mat “Kvohst” McNerney already reached underground cult status with their individual psychedelic forest folk rock. The Estonian Folk Metal band METSATÖLL belongs to the big ones in their homeland, and know they want to conquer the rest of the world. On top of everything, BALDRS DRAUMAR, NYTTLAND and RELIQUIAE are announced as new hope and they look forward to present themselves to the audience.

About Wacken Winter Nights: Heroic warriors and hearty minstrels – the Wacken Winter Nights founded in 2017, are not only the little brother of the world-famous Wacken Open Air. The very independent concept of that festival unites classic medieval themes with fantasy, folk, pagan and Viking rock & metal and many more! Various themed worlds invite for a time travel to magic playing sites, into an enchanted wood, to a winterly village with traditional crafts and a historic range of products as well as to medieval top class treats and other specialties. The third edition of the Wacken Winter Nights in the year 2019 offered more than 40 bands at six playing sites, among them two acoustic concerts inside the Wacken village church, and best musical entertainment.

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