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hurricane2022 logoEnd of silence! No more bread baking, goodbye video calls, bye-bye streaming concerts: from 2022 the festival is back in fashion! Yes, you heard right! We also had to hold back a tear... And accordingly, today Hurricane is kicking the barn doors with verve that the reconfirmed artists have held back until now. As you can imagine, all the acts that were already confirmed over the last two years are electrified to the tips of their hairs to finally give you the show you deserve. Sure, because they were doomed to almost complete inactivity for the past two years. We are pleased that the following artists have already confirmed their show on the Hurricane 2022 without blinking an eyelid. Check this out:

hurricane2022 flyer20210422

And there is still a long way to go! Soon Hurricane will announce additional acts - more from this year’s line-up, as well as brand new ones! It is they who will ennoble the festival summer 2022 - the summer in which we will make up for all the partying that we missed these two years. Can you actually imagine how hard we will all go up steeply? Well, at least we already have a vague idea...

Don’t forget: you can simply use your 2021 tickets for the 2022 festival and don’t have to do anything else. For all further questions there is a FAQ on the website that will hopefully answer all the important questions out there.

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