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peta lordi animaltestingThe Finnish monster rockers from LORDI are known for their spectacular performances in monster costumes. As part of a PETA campaign, the musicians are now revealing what really shocks them: “Animal testing is the real horror.” Together with PETA, LORDI are therefore campaigning against the very real horror that millions of mice, rats, rabbits, but also cats, dogs and many other animal species suffer in laboratories every day. After all, painful animal experiments are still being carried out in the EU without a plan to end animal suffering. Worse: existing bans on animal testing are being overturned and are now even to be relaxed further.

The band also raises their voice for the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), which was launched by PETA international, as well as Dove, The Body Shop and more than 100 animal welfare organizations, to further persuade the EU to uphold and tighten the ban on animal testing for cosmetics. Despite the ban, there are still other unnecessary animal testing requirements for cosmetic ingredients that have been tested and used safely for years. The EBI is therefore calling for the EU Chemicals Regulation to be redesigned: a plan for the final abolition of all animal testing should be drawn up.

LORDI said: “The EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics is being undermined and called into question as the Helsinki-based European Chemicals Agency requires thousands of animals to be subjected to cruel tests. This goes against everything Prohibition stands for and it is up to each of us to save this important law. Animal lives are worth more than a lipstick or a bottle of shampoo - only real monsters think otherwise. If you are an EU citizen, you should really sign this European Citizens’ Initiative.”

“Animals are not there to be put into experiments,” PETA said. “Thousands of animals continue to be forced to inhale or ingest cosmetic ingredients, and millions more are drugged, poisoned, or burned in experiments hardly imaginable. Europe urgently needs a plan to end all animal testing. In order to be successful, the ECI needs the support of more than 1 million EU citizens and must achieve minimum targets in each EU member country in order to be able to actively shape EU policies. There are animal-free methods for which no animal has to suffer or die and whose success is scientifically proven. Help now and sign the citizens' initiative for an animal-free EU today. Every signature counts!”

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