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williampatrickcorgan ogilalaGrammy Award-winning, acclaimed singer-songwriter and SMASHING PUMPKINS front man, William Patrick Corgan, announced the release of his second solo album ‘Ogilala’ on October 13 via BMG. The album, produced by Rick Rubin and recorded at Shangri La studios in Malibu, presents Corgan’s distinctive vocals and melodies across a sparse, but rich palette of acoustic guitar, piano, and strings. To coincide with the announcement, Corgan has released the album’s striking first track, ‘Aeronaut’.

“For as long as I can remember the delineation point between songs I wrote for myself and songs I'd pen for whatever band was something I couldn't explain. And it remains so, for they all feel quite personal to me, no matter their time or era. The lone difference on songs for ‘Ogilala’ is that they seemed to want little in the way of adornment,”said Corgan. “Having written the songs for voice and guitar, I put myself in Rick's hands to take the music wherever he'd like. Normally I would have done more, and tinkered more on production, but rather Rick put the onus on me to deliver at a molecular level via live takes. The rest was simply a reaction.”

01. Zowie
02. Processional
03. The Spaniards
04. Aeronaut
05. The Long Goodbye
06. Half-Life Of An Autodidact
07. Amarinthe
08. Antietam
09. Mandaryne
10. Shiloh
11. Archer

This fall, Corgan will embark on a solo acoustic North American tour. These intimate performances will see Corgan perform songs from ‘Ogilala’, as well as a second set which will span works from his earliest days through his years as the front man of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS and beyond.

William Patrick Corgan Nord America Tour Dates
October 14- Brooklyn, NY. Murmrr Theatre
October 15- Brooklyn, NY. Murmrr Theatre
October 18- Wilmington, DE. Grand Opera House
October 20- Toronto, ON. Queen Elizabeth Theatre
October 24- Chicago, IL. Athenaeum Theatre
October 25- Chicago, IL. Athenaeum Theatre
October 27- Nashville, TN. CMA Theater
October 29 - Boulder, CO. Boulder Theater
November 1- San Francisco, CA. Herbst Theatre
November 2- San Francisco, CA. Herbst Theatre
November 9- Los Angeles, CA. Masonic Lodge @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery
November 10- Los Angeles, CA. Masonic Lodge @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery
November 11- Los Angeles, CA. Masonic Lodge @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery

William Patrick Corgan is a singer, songwriter, producer, and front man of celebrated alternative rock band THE SMASHING PUMPKINS. Formed in Chicago, IL in 1988, the band released their heralded debut album ‘Gish’ in 1991 and found mainstream success with 1993’s 4x multi-platinum ‘Siamese Dream’ and 1995’s 10x multi-platinum ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’. Following the band’s 2000 dissolution, Corgan helmed the alternative rock band ZWAN before releasing his debut solo album ‘TheFutureEmbrace’ and reforming THE SMASHING PUMPKINS in 2005. With over 30 million albums sold, the Grammy, MTV VMA, and American Music Award winning band remains an influential force in alternative rock.


Source: Press Release

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