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Who is saying that the dark side cannot have pop appeal? Blutengel, with their charismatic front man and mastermind Chris Pohl have always been experts at wrapping dark romantic themes in a catchy electronic packaging. The title track of their latest single, “Lucifer”, is no exception – an addictive track that combines gloomy lyrics with an emotional melody and massive beats that are suitable for any dance floor. Driven by the exciting interplay of Chris Pohl’s powerful dark voice and the heavenly chanting of Ulrike Goldmann, the group conjures up a club anthem that is destined to give you goose bumps. Blutengel are again highly successful at reaching out far beyond the limits of the so-called “gothic scene” – it is hardly any wonder that their releases are hitting the German Media Control Charts on a regular basis.

“Lucifer” will be released in two different versions, titled “Purgatory” and “Blaze.” Each CD will be containing the title track, one exclusive remix, one re-recorded new version of a classic Blutengel-tune (incl. a special new version of the rare “Black Roses”), plus live versions of two of the group’s biggest hits. And… what date could be more fitting for releasing these gems than a Friday, the 13th? Therefore… get that little black dress you have hidden in the far end of your drawer out and release the little devil in you! Friday, the 13th of July, 2007 is Lucifer-Day!

Tracklist: PURGATORY
01. Lucifer (Single Version)
02. Lucifer (Remix by Necessary Response)
03. Seelenschmerz 2007 (Reworked by Eminence of Darkness)
04. Solitary Angel (live 2007)
05. Bloody Pleasures (live 2007)

Tracklist: BLAZE
01. Lucifer (Single Version)
02. Lucifer - The Tempter (by Rabia Sorda)
03. Black Roses 2007 (Reworked by Eminence of Darkness)
04. My Saviour (live 2007)
05. Der Spiegel (live 2007)

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