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clanofxymox spideronthewallOver the years, CLAN OF XYMOX has always been revered for their signature melancholic sound that in 1985 was aptly dubbed as Darkwave by British radio icon John Peel. Following their recent singles, both ‘She’ and ‘Lovers’, 2020 witnesses the release of the brand-new album ‘Spider On The Wall’. Both dark and intimate, XYMOX leader Ronny Moorings and the band continue to masterfully explore their Electro meets Gothic sound first mined on their debut 1985 self-titled album released by 4AD and now finds them releasing their sixteenth studio album ‘Spider On The Wall’. Additionally, CLAN OF XYMOX have just released a new video for the song ‘All I Ever Know’ from the new album. ‘Spider On The Wall’ will be released by Metropolis Records on July 24th through all digital and streaming formats as well as on CD.

01. She
02. Lovers
03. Into The Unknown
04. All I Ever Know
05. I Don’t Like Myself
06. Spider On The Wall
07. When We Were Young
08. Black Mirror
09. My New Lows
10. See You On The Other Side

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