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mesh D4S3120 kleinIt took more time than any other Dependent project, but we are proud to announce that finally, “Touring Skyward - A MESH Tour Movie” will be available for pre-order very soon. As if it hadn’t been hard enough to choose material from three concerts during the Englishmen’s most recent tour, mixing them turned out to be a challenge, not to forget getting the age rating approval during the pandemic and the fact that the virus also affected the production personnel. So, thanks to all the fans for their patience!

Eventually, this mammoth undertaking has hit the home stretch: We are speaking of 23 live tracks in 3.5 hours, a huge hardcover artbook, containing two audio CDs together with the Blu-ray and some of the most consummate, honest interviews with MESH ever printed! In Corona’s second year, this release offers something we are all sorely missing - an almost surreal closeness and intimacy... “Touring Skyward - A MESH Tour Movie” is being manufactured now, and it was worth the long wait!

Source: Press Release

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