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saltatiomortis fuerimmerfrei unserezeiteditionIt’s been 21 years since this band made their first appearances; back then the musicians stood around on street corners with drums and bagpipes and played for the money that was thrown into their hats. You wouldn't have thought that yourself back then, SALTATIO MORTIS says today, that beak shoes, clamp strap and bagpipes led to four #1 albums and a Golden record on top. And that such a colourful group, even after more than twenty years, still manages to be so successful in a world that is becoming increasingly grey - that alone is a sign of hope.

Hope that seems urgently needed in the second year of the exceptional corona situation. Even just under a year after the publication of ‘Für immer frei’ there is still no sign of the old normalcy. Concerts as we knew them, the elixir of life for SALTATIO MORTIS, still do not exist. The band is looking forward to their first appearances after more than 18 months of absence from the stage and also has a complete recording of the special “Corona Livestream” concert on DVD in their luggage for buyers of the limited edition.

But not only the world outside has changed, a lot has happened in the small SALTATIO cosmos too: At the same time as the release of ‘Für immer frei’, Lasterbalk - founding member, drummer, lyricist and manager of SALTATIO MORTIS - became the father of a small and very adorable daughter. Children change the world, and so he leaves the time-consuming tour business in order to actively accompany his daughter as she grows up. Jean takes over the drumsticks and ensures the right beats with his irrepressible joy of playing. Lasterbalk will continue to be there for the band behind the scenes and of course work hard on new songs.

SALTATIO MORTIS has summarized the first results of these upheavals in a new edition of the successful album ‘Für immer frei’. In addition to the distinctive songs from the main album, there are five new songs and three alternative versions. With the single ‘Nie allein’, SALTATIO conjure up the solidarity that they also live and experience in the real world. With ‘My Mother Told Me’ and ‘Wellerman’, two foreign-language songs are represented in the eight new tracks, which clearly refer to the historical and Folk roots of the band. The band’s heart has long been beating for the Nordic world of legends and, last but not least, for modern adaptations, such as the successful series ‘Vikings’. Fans of the series will surely recognize the historical melody of ‘My Mother Told Me’ immediately, just as fans of ‘Assassin’s Creed’ should find some characters in the video implementation. It is precisely this balancing act that distinguishes SALTATIO MORTIS: the balancing act between the modern and the historical.

‘Für immer frei – Unsere Zeit Edition’ is the name of SALTATIO MORTIS’ new album, and the title contains both commitment and appeal. A coherent self-description of a free band that has never cared about musical boundaries. Free music by free people. Because free and open: This is the music of this group; this is how it has always been since SALTATIO MORTIS found each other in Karlsruhe in 2000. But they may never have worked as curious and virtuoso as on this album to expand their possibilities.

Even after twenty-one years, SALTATIO MORTIS still seem as powerful, passionate and curious as on the first day; their growing musical maturity only increases the intensity of their songs. ‘Für immer frei – Unsere Zeit’: This is the music of a band that knows its history and about the future; that is so sure that it does not shy away from any risk - and that knows that today it is more important than ever to not leave strong Rock and delicate Folk to the enemies of freedom.

Watch the new track video ‘My Mother Told Me’ here:

Further information

Pre-order the album here:

‘Für immer frei (Unsere Zeit Edition)’ is available as stream, digital download and the following hard copy versions:
- Ltd. Edition 2CD + 1DVD: Deluxe edition with studio album and 8 new songs, DVD ‘Ein Traum von Freiheit‘ with full recording of the Corona live stream concert plus 4 music videos
- 2 CD digipack (CD1: 14 songs, CD2: 8 new songs, e.g. ‘My Mother Told Me’)
- Vinyl (2LP, 22 songs, 180 gr. / black)
-- Stream and download (22 songs)


01. Ein Traum von Freiheit
02. Bring mich zurück
03. Loki
04. Linien im Sand
05. Für immer jung
06. Palmen aus Stahl
07. Löwenherz
08. Mittelfinger Richtung Zukunft feat. Henning Wehland & Swiss und Die Andern
09. Rose im Winter
10. Factus de materia
11. Seitdem du weg bist
12. Keiner von Millionen
13. Neustart für den Sommer
14. Geboren um frei zu sein

01. Nie allein
02. Unsere Zeit
03. Funkenregen
04. Wellerman
05. My Mother Told Me
06. Hypa Hypa
07. Geboren um frei zu sein (Alternative Version)
08. Nie allein (Proberaum Session)

SALTATIO MORTIS - Für immer frei! Tour 2022

Oct 27, 2022 – Luxembourg, Den Atelier
Oct 28, 2022 – Fürth, Stadthalle
Oct 29, 2022 – Dresden, Alter Schlachthof
Nov 11, 2022 – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
Nov 12, 2022 – Bremen, Pier 2
Nov 18, 2022 – Munich, Tonhalle
Nov 19, 2022 – Ludwigsburg, MHP Arena
Nov 25, 2022 – Leipzig, Haus Auensee
Nov 26, 2022 – Berlin, Columbiahalle
Dec 2, 2022 – Bochum, Ruhr Congress
Dec 3, 2022 – Hamburg, Edel Optics Arena
Dec 15, 2022 – Zurich (CH), Komplex 457
Dec 16, 2022 – Linz (AT), Posthof
Dec 17, 2022 – Vienna, Simm City
Tickets via: (hard tickets)

Source: Press Release

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