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depechemode pk2022 D4S1844 kleinWhat do you do when DEPECHE MODE announce a press conference in Berlin? Of course, you apply for press accreditation. Since Berlin is quite far, I already drove to our capital the day before. Better safe than sorry. On the press conference day, 4 Oct 2022, I fist had a nice breakfast around the corner and then headed over to the Berliner Ensemble, where the conference was taking place. Already some photographers and press people were waiting… and of course some fans. Most of them were heading to a nearby pub, where all the winners of different raffles were meeting up.

When finally, all the organisational things were done, members of the press were gathering in a separate room. I had a short chat with Marek Lieberberg - nice guy - some people from Sony Music and of course press colleagues. Then all photographers were informed about the rules and we had a minute to take some pictures in front of the wall with the new DEPECHE logo and the title of the upcoming album, ‘Memento Mori’. Martin and Dave looked very good and it took some time until all photographers were done. Then we all headed over to the main room where the conference was taking place. First Marek Lieberberg (MLK, Livenation) spoke about the procedure. He thanked the house for hosting the conference, the press and of course the fans who also entered the conference. About 200 of them were in the house, lots more were waiting outside hoping for a chance to take part.

There were three chairs placed on stage, two for Dave and Martin and one for today’s host Barbara Charone. Short before anything started, Peter Gordeno and Christian Eigner were sitting down in the audience, right on the chairs in front of me. Along with some pictures from the studio, a new song was played, accompanied with loud cheers from the fans behind me. Then our guys too their seats and the conference started. The first part belonged to Barbara asking questions to the band, and then it was time for the press people. First the band talked about the recording process they are just in and that the album title was already decided before Fletch passed away. Saying it might sound a bit morbid, but the title ‘Memento Mori’ is meant in a positive way and you should live life every day to the max.

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Of course they also spoke about touring and that they are already excited to take the new album on tour (dates below). We learned that Anton Corbijn was involved once again into design and photographs and that they are looking forward playing at special locations like Madison Square Garden or Stade de France. Press people especially liked to know if there would be kind of tribute to Andy Fletcher and how the live band would look like. Martin and Dave already thought about this and would like to play some of Fletch’s favourite songs. But currently they are still in the process… and the live band would of course be completed by Peter Gordeno and Christian Eigner, who are also in the audience. Both were asked to stand up and they bowed to the people. Then there was a question about plans for a unplugged show but both laughed… they are an electronic band and cannot play unplugged… maybe with batteries. Anyone was laughing.

And then it was already over, the band left and a trailer with all tour dates was shown, any date was applauded and cheered by the fans. All in all, the press conference ended after only 20 minutes, not even time for fans to ask some questions like last time in Milano. Afterwards in the foyer, I met some scene prominence… like members of FORCED TO MODE or Steve Naghavi of AND ONE. When I left the building, lots of fans were waiting outside for the band to leave the building. But they probably had to wait quite a while since the band had scheduled several interviews. I don’t know when the band finally left and if they were lucky… I had a long way home and after a short hello with some friends hit the road again… You could have a look at the while press conference here:

Tour dates:
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Advanced sale for German Dates starts 5th Oct 2022:
normal pre-sale starts Friday 8th Oct 2022: Eventim

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