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jesusonextasy wideawakeExactly ten years ago, JESUS ON EXTASY released their last proof of life. However, there must be some truth to the proverb “the condemned live longer”, because the synth rockers are back from their prolonged summer break, reunited and more motivated than ever, bringing you new music and the intent to put the demons of the past to rest once and for all. “The long break was necessary to realize who we are, what we want and how we want to walk the path as JoE in the future,” Dorian Deveraux explains. Chai Deveraux elaborates on what this new path might look like: “Harder, uncompromising and most importantly more authentic.”

It was in early 2020 of all years when the two Deveraux decided to revive the band, but - like with so many other musicians - the seemingly never-ending pandemic threw a couple of wrenches into their machines. Live shows were impossible and even meeting up in the recording studio had become harder than ever. A time that took its toll, physically and mentally. “I spent about three months in total isolation, aside from zoom calls or text messages”, says Dorian. “That’s why many lyrics in our new material focus on the topic of isolation or depression, and reflect the downward spiral I was in pretty well.”

With this in mind, songs like the upcoming single ‘Wide Awake’, but also ‘The End of Everything’ or ‘Days Gone By’ appear as a kind of diary and therapy. The contrast to the band’s early works couldn’t be more drastic: Where the fans used to find songs about heartbreak, they now find Nihilism and despair, often paired with a glimpse of hope which is wiped away in the next moment like a promise written in water. The band’s goals for 2023 are clearly laid out: “Besides releasing our new music, we wanna get back on stage as soon as possible,” says Chai Deveraux. Big stages or small clubs? That’s not important. “We just wanna play our music and stay true to our vision of the band this time.”

The single ‘Wide Awake’ marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the industrial rock band. The song will be released on April 7 on JESUS ON EXTASY’s Bandcamp ( page and will hit the streaming services on May 1.

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