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Welcome to our webzine! I hope you will check back in time again to see more and more interesting content being added. Unfortunately we have been unable to wait any longer and decided to start the webzine even though we are not completely done yet.

Right now we are working hard on getting all the colours for the webzine right and of course we are working to add more and more content. Till that time please give us some time to get used to the technical stuff behind the webzine so we can offer you a better webzine as soon as possible.

In the mean time we will be publishing content like we now already have some reviews of concert on our site to at least give you something to read in this new year. If you would like to help us out feel free to contact us, we are currently still looking for news reporters, reviewers and photographers in the whole world, who would love to spend some of their spare time on making a nice webzine.

Anyway, check back soon, we are working hard on the webzine, things may have changed a lot since your last visit!

The Reflections of Darkness Crew

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