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Even before the end of this month we have reached a milestone with our webzine. We had plannend for 300 unique visitors for the first month and 600 for the second, but it turns out that we already passed our goal for the third month (1000) before the month is over.

We are very happy with all the visitors and we hope to keep providing enough good content. If you like our webzine and it's content feel free to tell your friends about it!

To keep you all coming here we do have some nice articles up in the next few days, this will include a few nice interviews with: Pain, Tiamat en Sonata Artica as well as concert reviews of Tristania and Nightwish. So do check back in the next few days.

During the last three days we've experienced some major problems with the connection to our server in the USA but they seem to be resolved now. We like to apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused you. If you did not have access to the site at some point in time due to this problem we are glad you tried again and we hope you will keep coming back in the future. We have been asured by our hosting company that they will work hard on preventing these time outs in the future.

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