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It's been one of those months when everything just couldn't go any faster with the webzine. We've managed to reach more than 1250 unique visitors to our site in February and we had more content added than we expected. This means we have to move on and keep looking for more quality articles. So we can use some more help! 

We have some of the finest photographers working for our webzine but the problem is that photographers love to make pictures and seem to dislike making reviews. So for those photographers we'd love to find s reporter to accompany them to the concerts. The problem is especially big in Belgium, France and Sweden though we can always use more in Germany as well.

With all the new albums being released every month we need people who can write CD and DVD reviews. Have a look at our reviews and see if you like our approach. If your English is good, your enthusiasm almost unlimited and do you want to share your opinion with the visitors of this webzine... please contact us!

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