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synteticshow moscow2016 logoTeatr, Moscow, Russia
10th December 2016
Synthetic Snow Festival with Mesh, Diorama, Decoded Feedback and many more

The SYNTHETIC SNOW festival is an event that has become a tradition. It has been more than just a concert with the participation of major international headliners and new promising artists of dark scene. First of all, it's a real treat for all fans of synth-pop, electronic, industrial music and related genres from Russia and abroad - always with trepidation awaited meeting friends, which once united the music.

As always it is a sea of positive and animated electronic sound of synthesis and real emotions! Only one evening and only one night of the year when Moscow will be covered again by SYNTHETIC SNOW!

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 6:00 pm
Starts: 6:30 pm
Tickets: can be bought for 2500 rub at
Event Info:

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