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goetheserben tour2018Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
27th September 2018
Goethes Erben - “Am Abgrund” Tour 2018

GOETHES ERBEN is not “just” a band. It is art. It is lyric. It is music. It is provocation and a wake-up call. After a long break, Oswald Henke brings his project GOETHES ERBEN back on stage with a new album ‘Am Abgrund’ in autumn. After a very successful series of intimate concerts with nothing but piano and voice in spring and a surprising unofficial gig in Leipzig during the 27th WGT, GOETHES ERBEN are about to come back to the big stage.

GOETHES ERBEN is known for lyrical border lining between dreamy, nostalgic topics as well as sometimes really cruel and disgusting ones. Genius and madness have rarely been so close to each other as they are at the GOETHES ERBEN shows. Dramatic elements, lyrics and the abyss of human mind and soul are characteristic for the music and shows. The shows will be divided in three parts where past and present will play a role: there will be a “pre-opening”, ‘Am Abgrund’ live and a review of the past under the influence of ‘Am Abgrund’. This promises another unique and stirring night where no one will be able to stay untouched.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: are available from 29.00 + Charges (Pre-Sale) via Eventim

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