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feuertalfestival2019 flyer
In August, Wuppertal again offers a time travel to distant worlds. This year, the Feuertal Festival takes place on August 31 and invites to atmospheric open air parties. The line-up for the 2020 edition of the festival, which is organized as single-day event, is already fixed. Confirmed as headliner are the German Middle Ages Rockers of SUBWAY TO SALLY from Potsdam. They are followed by FEUERSCHWANZ, MR. HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN, UNZUCHT, MR. IRISH BASTARD and HAGGEFUGG.

Regarding programme and time period, the organizers again go “back to the roots”. Despite the festival takes place just for one day, the camping site is open for three days. Besides the traditional and atmospheric medieval market, on Friday evening there will be a warm-up programme at the outdoor pool. More details will be published soon.

There is no need for a detailed introduction of SUBWAY TO SALLY. This long runner from Potsdam is widely known. From the beginning, they form the spearhead of the German Medieval Rock scene, which is unique worldwide and was shaped significantly by SUBWAY TO SALLY. Especially their quality live on stage is legendary. Hard rock and metal music mixed with instruments like bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, lute, shawm, fiddle or flute made it possible that hits like ‘Sag dem Teufel in dir guten Tag’ or ‘Hallo’ were sung at almost every club and festival. More than 1,600 concerts happened during the 25 years of band history. Also off the stages of this world, SUBWAY TO SALLY gain prizes and awards. In 2008, they won the 4th Bundesvision Song Contest, received gold for their unplugged CD ‘Nackt’ or were honoured by the most important German metal magazine, Metal Hammer, with an award for the “Best German Band”. With the Feuertal Festival, the band shares a special relation: “Without doubt, the Feuertal belongs to my favourites”, says singer Eric Fish. Years ago, he processed his personal highlights with the song ‘Im Feuertal’, that is the official festival hymn since then: “I expressed my deep attachment with the Feuertal in the Feuertal Hymn.” Meanwhile, the FEUERTAL song is a fixed component of the musical programme and is sung by the audience every year.

FEUERSCHWANZ are one of the fastest aspiring bands. With their latest album, ‘Methämmer’, the band from Erlangen made the second Top 10 chart entry of their career. In winter, the musicians will go on tour. MR. HURLEY UND DIE PULVERAFFEN take pirate spirit to Wuppertal. The Folk rockers from Osnabrück are addicted to old pirate stories. Fly the flag for Captain Blake, the four musicians sail away to capture the audience with their thrilling live shows. There are bands, which provide their full potential live on stage. UNZUCHT definitely belong to them. At the very latest since their tour with EISBRECHER and their last Top 10 album, ‘Akephalos’, they belong to the new hopes of harder German-speaking music.

MR. IRISH BASTARD know how to do it right live on stage. When they started in 2006, the stages were so small, that half of the band members felt down at the backside. After three albums and more than 700 shows, quite a few in China and Japan, they are an established name and shared the stage with acts like FLOGGING MOLLY, THE LEVELLERS or DROPKICK MURPHYS. On stage since January 2015, HAGGEFUGG play “Prost-Mittelalter-Party-Rock”. It’s a mischievous homage of the six musicians to the classic Medieval Rock. It’s time to rumble with bagpipes, shawns and rock sounds, while cleverly packed own and traditional melodies and pointed current topics are performed.

feuertalfestival2019 impression

The open air event at the Waldbühne Hardt, where everything is about Medieval Rock and a breath-taking historic atmosphere, has already attained cult status inside and outside of the scene. Besides the main stage, again a traditional medieval market invites to browse in bygone times. There is craft, a potpourri of beautiful things, and a magnificent gourmet mile, which provides food according to medieval hospitality. For two days, the area in the heart of Wuppertal is turned into hustle and bustle.

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