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devisionbochum2013Matrix, Bochum, Germany
2nd October 2013
De/Vision & Tenek

Talking about Synth Pop / Electro Pop bands, you cannot leave the German band DE/VISON unmentioned as they are a kind of old stager. In 1988, they started as a quartet but since 2000 it is Steffen Keth and Thomas Adam who continued with DE/VISION. And they are doing it with great success. Thus they can now, in 2013, look back on a musical history of 25 years.

This anniversary will be celebrated with an extended tour as well as with a special live CD and DVD “25 YEARS – BEST OF – TOUR” set, which will be produced on this tour and be presumably released in the beginning of 2014. Quite interesting is that for producing this package, DE/VISION started a pledge project a couple of months ago and they already reached their goal but they will not only use this money for the production costs but give 5% of the surplus to the “Berliner Tafel” - a charity project that can be described as soup kitchen or food bank. For more information or if you like to be part of the pledge project or just because you like to purchase a DE/VISION item you will not get anywhere else, please check out their site (the link below). Steffen and Thomas will present besides their old classics, a lot of songs they hadn’t performed for a long time but now interpreted in a new way.

As support act, TENEK from UK will accompany them. Already in 2010, the Synth Pop duo was support for DE/VISION on their “Popgefahr” tour. Nominating Synth Pop bands from the 80’s like KRAFTWERK, DEPECHE MODE, GARY NUMAN, CABARET VOLTAIRE and THE HUMAN LEAGUE as bands that deeply influenced them, they successfully made it to transform this musical legacy into their own freshly sound. As their performance is very energetic and both, Peter Steer and Geoff Pinckney know how to animate the audience to party with them, their concerts are really worth to see.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 7:00 pm
Starts: 8:00 pm
Ticket fee: 24.00€ + Charges (Pre- Sales)
Tickets can be bought at the Matrix Shop and via Poponaut.
More info: /
Band Websites: / /

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