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nachtmahr bochum2016Matrix, Bochum, Germany
8th April 2016
Nachtmahr, Shiv-R, Benjaminsplague

‘Kampfbereit’ - Ready to fight - a cynical remark on the uprising of many rights-winged movements and parties in Europe? Who knows. First of all, ‘Kampfbereit’ is the album title of the new NACHTMAHR record, which stirred, as always, controversy. Is it appropriate to use this kind of language and imagery (just look at the album cover) in times of crisis? Or is it tasteless, after all?

Those who have already seen the band surrounding Thomas Rainer on stage know that their video projections provoke to think critically about the show they are performing. You can either stay home and call them Nazis straight away or go to a show and critically engage with the output they give out – and then decide whether it's tasteless or not. In Bochum, NACHTMAHR will be performing with the EBM/ Electro bands SHIV-R and BENJAMINSPLAGUE so it promises to be a wild night of dancing, at least.

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Doors: 07:00
Start: 08:00
Ticket price: 21€
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