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poetsofthefall moscow2016Yotaspace, Moscow, Russia
3rd November 2016
Poets of the Fall

For two years, fans of the band POETS OF THE FALL were waiting for a new album. The album ‘Clearview’ was released September 30, 2016 and will includes ten tracks. The band created it together with renowned producer Stephen Bomani. In support of the new album, POETS OF THE FALL announced the grand "Clearview Tour", which will start in September 2016 in Helsinki and will continue throughout 2017. This tour will be the largest in the entire 13-year history of the band.

It happened in the past that the music videos of POETS OF THE FALL are always leading us into the world of science fiction and fantasy. With the new album, this is not the case: the band will no longer pay so much attention to the visual aspect, plunging into the real world. “It is a great relief that I have not to wear a clown mask. I can just go on stage and be myself and our fans seem to like it too" says front man Marko Saaresto.

In Moscow, the presentation of the new album will take place on November 3rd at the club YOTASPACE. Tickets:

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