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kettcarPalladium, Cologne, Germany
3rd February 2018

Cologne’s Palladium has already been sold out for months for the date when the current torchbearers of the German “Hamburger Schule” have scheduled their appearance. KETTCAR, whose name is derived from a toy car lots of kids have been riding in their childhood in Germany, have been around since the start of this millennium. They earned a loyal fan base with the release of their first album ‘Du und wieviel von Deinen Freunden’ (best translated ‘You and how many of your friends’) in 2002.

Always keeping their distance to any kind of categorization and label, they are being heralded as an important ambassador for a specific kind of Indie Pop, dubbed “Hamburger Schule”, influencing countless other regional bands, such as TOMTE, ERDMÖBEL, or KAJAK. Their fifth studio album release after a four-year long hiatus is called ‘Ich vs. Wir’ (‘me vs. us’), and has been released in October 2017. It peaked at No. 4 of the German album charts, which - in combination with the almost sold-out tour - is a vital sign that the band is still relevant today.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: currently not available

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