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strandkorbopenair2021 bochumTogether with the organizers of the Strandkorb Open Air Tour, the ZfR initiators are bringing the award-winning, Corona-compliant event concept from Mönchengladbach to Lake Kemnade. The “ZfR Strandkorb edition” will sweet late summer 2021 with live performances of HELGE SCHNEIDER, WINCENT WEISS, PHILIP POISEL and COMEDY SPLASH - tickets in pre-sale now!

As recently announced, the popular Ruhr tent festival cannot take place again until 2022. Having to cancel the ZfR this year was really not easy for the initiators and the entire crew had already come to terms with another cultureless summer with a heavy heart. But the ZfR initiators cannot do without culture. The day after the cancellation, the makers of the “STRANDKORB Open Air” offered a corona-compliant version of the Ruhr area, and an alliance was quickly forged. With the “ZfR STRANDKORB Edition”, a fantastic and already award-winning concept will be brought to the ZfR area on Lake Kemnade (Bochum / Witten) from mid-August. Pure holiday feeling with beach chair concerts.

From August 20th until September, visitors of the STRANDKORB Open Air can expect a great range of concerts and verbal events. But instead of the white event tents, around 750 beach chairs are set up. Sitting in a beach chair, you have a great view of the huge open-air stage with large screens.

ZfR fan hearts should beat faster from now on: On August 20th, it will start with the crowd favourite WINCENT WEISS. PHILIPP POISEL announced that he would be coming on September 7th and comedy and cabaret fans should also get their money’s worth: All-rounder and entertainer HELGE SCHNEIDER has already confirmed this for August 28th, as well as for the Stand-Up Mix show COMEDY SPLASH on September 8th. They have all been welcomed guests at the Ruhr tent festival already. Further dates will follow in the near future. In addition to the evening events, the stage will also be occupied for the children on some afternoons.

“‘Holidays at long last!’ These days, the ZfR claim comes more wholeheartedly than ever and fits perfectly with STRANDKORB Open Air. We were immediately enthusiastic about the idea. In these times a lot can only be done together and so we are very happy to support our colleagues on their open-air tour with a unique ZfR STRANDKORB Edition and bring back a long-awaited feeling to our fans”, says Heri Reipöler (ZfR initiator).

Lukas Rüger (ZfR initiator) also sees himself fully strengthened in this project: “Implementing this cooperation would be inconceivable without the support from the ranks of the many loyal partners and friends of the ZfR. In the spirit of our city, where, especially in these crazy times, people have not forgotten what makes us special, what holds us together and what makes us happy. The omnipresent willingness to make the best possible out of the situation gives us maximum inspiration!”

strandkorbopenair byGerdWiggers

Hygiene concept for the ZfR STRANDKORB Edition

In 2020 the STRANDKORB Open Air was launched due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea behind this concept is to still make events at the highest level possible with sufficient distance and the applicable hygiene regulations. In 2020, 63 successful concerts were held in Mönchengladbach with this concept. For this, the organizing team around Michael Hilgers received first place in the German Tourism Prize.

Thanks to this excellent expertise in the implementation of this concept, the STRANDKORB Open Air is to take place in a total of 16 other cities this year. One station is the area of the Ruhr tent festival. Michael Hilgers, Managing Director of HockeyPark Betriebs GmbH & Co. KG, said: “I am very happy that we have managed to work together with ZfR and everyone involved in one of the most difficult phases of the event industry so quickly and without any problems, and I wish everyone that our beach chair idea will bring a small but nice open-air summer to Lake Kemnade.”

The area of the ZfR STRANDKORB Edition is divided into 4 island areas. Each island area has a separate entrance and exit and separate toilets. Entrance is guaranteed through turnstiles, so you can see at any time how many people are already on the premises. The maximum number of visitors per island is less than 500 people. Both entry and exit are regulated in such a way that visitors to the other islands do not cross each other.

Coole Catering and “Good Bye - Bingo”

A picnic basket is provided for your physical well-being: there is a cool box on each beach chair to keep contact with the service staff as low as possible. In the run-up to the event, when purchasing tickets online, visitors can order delicious, packaged snacks and drinks that are paid for without cash. The service team then brings these orders directly to the seat in good time and stores them in the cool box.

One guest performance should take place every day, and it ends punctually at 10 p.m. The departure situation is as well thought out as the concept itself: With the game “Good Bye – Bingo”, a moderator will enter the stage immediately after the end of the concert and will gradually say goodbye to the guests using a beach chair number. As a reward for longer waiting times, there is even a giveaway at the exit.


From Friday, June 11th, advance sales for the performances of the ZfR STRANDKORB Edition will start at 12 noon. All tickets are personalized. Fixed beach chairs or seats are already selected during the booking process. A necessary tracing is thus guaranteed. Ticket prices vary by artist. The exclusive pre-sale start is via CTS, and from Monday onwards everywhere where tickets are available.

Confirmed Artists

20 Aug - Wincent Weiss
28 Aug - Helge Schneider
07 Sep - Philipp Poisel
08 Sep - Comedy Splash

The STRANDKORB Open Air concept is continuously checked for topicality and plausibility with regard to new medical findings and its measures can be strengthened or relaxed at any time if a change in the epidemic situation in Germany is required. The Corona Protection Ordinance valid at the time of the event will form the basis for implementation. More information will follow in the coming weeks. All further information about the ZfR STRANDKORB Edition at!

Picture by Gerd Wiggers (STRANDKORB at Sparkassenpark Mönchengladbach 2020)

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