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ensalved tour2024Täubchenthal, Leipzig, Germany
22th March 2024
Ensalved - “European Spring Tour 2024” - Support Svalbard & Wayfarer

ENSLAVED are returning to Germany in 2024! With their current album ‘Heimdal’ and the special guests SVALBARD and WAYFARER, the Norwegians are bringing their concentrated load of Avant-Garde Extreme Metal with a progressive edge to German clubs in the spring. In true ENSLAVED style, the Berger band’s 16th album ‘Heimdal’ (released in March 2023) is both a departure and a return to the roots that were forged over three decades ago in the turbulent birth pangs of the Norwegian black metal scene.

ENSALVED were founded in 1991 by the then very young Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson, who were determined to take a different path than their satanic, church-burning colleagues. They turned to Viking culture and wrote most of the lyrics to their 1994 debut album ‘Vikingligr Veldi’ in Icelandic, which is very similar to Old Norse. The following albums ‘Frost’ and ‘Eld’, which describe the dynamic, combined properties of ice and fire, remain milestones in the Norwegian Black Metal scene. There was a sense of anticipation and a sense of destiny in their feverish, surging riffs and pompous atmospheres. It was tantalizing glimpses of the vastness that became the leitmotif of ENSLAVED, who move between extreme and progressive music, and whose restless spirit is the source of a perpetual wide-eyed journey of discovery. The 2020 album ‘Utgard’ marks the beginning of a new phase for the band, delving deeper into the esoteric nature of Nordic mythology, but also finding more precise starting points for leaping into the unknown.

‘In Times’ and ‘E’ are more streamlined than their complex predecessors, if only to explore new horizons. Her reflections on the shadowy, titular land of the Nordic ice giants Jotun find parallels in the psychological states of the unconscious and the pilgrimage into our own heart of darkness that is the beginning of the path to all self-knowledge. Of course, themes of introspection are also transformed into kaleidoscopic sonic adventures, ranging from blackened, frozen charges to lush, billowing, grooving upswings to cloud-line vistas and even detours into syncopated, Krautrock-inspired wormholes. In ENSLAVED, each stage of a journey lays the foundation for the next. Following the interim EP ‘Caravans To The Outer Worlds’, released in 2021, ‘Heimdal’ offers another tangential journey of discovery, another entry point for a celebratory, expectant and intoxicating passage through the realms of the senses. ‘Heimdal’ is a reflection of the paths travelled, a promise of a new beginning and a rite of passage between the two. An album for eternity that the Norwegians will present live here in March.

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Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: can be bought for 35.20 + charges (pre-sale) via Eventim
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