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pothead 2024F-Haus, Jena, Germany
15th March 2024
Pothead - “Fifteen Thirty Years Tour 2024”

Brad, Jeff Dope and Robert Puls - these are the guys from POTHEAD. Their music with its catchy guitar riffs, powerful basslines and pulsating groove stands for earthy, authentic Rock. The two founding members Brad and Jeff started their music career far away from their homeland. In 1991, gripped by wanderlust, they moved from the big pond to good old Germany. There they got stuck in the newly reunified Berlin. Driven by the distinctive spirit of the up-and-coming city, they worked hard to realize their dream of making music. In 1993 they released their first studio album USA, laying the foundation for their career. The urge for independence and complete musical freedom, far away from Industrial constraints and restrictive contracts, led them to go their own way. The first step was taken with the founding of her own record label, Janitor Records.

POTHEAD is now not just a band, but a whole company. From the production and marketing of the albums to the booking of the concerts to the merchandise they design themselves, they take everything into their own hands and leave nothing to chance. Another milestone in her career is her own summer festival, which always takes place in Hohenlobbese for several days in June. In 1999 they started the open air “Potstock” with 200 visitors. They can now look back on more than 2,000 enthusiastic music fans every year who indulge in the flair of summer and authentic rock music. In the band’s now 30-year existence, a total of 15 albums have been created, including 13 studio albums and two live albums. After a few drummer changes, they have now found themselves and strengthened themselves with the recently joined band member Robert Puls. This year they finally want to release a new album.

In order to shorten the waiting time for fans until then, the record ‘Rumely Oil Pull’ has been released as a CD and double LP and the CD and LP ‘Pot Of Gold’ with extra track and vinyl single ‘Catch 22’ remastered and with updated artwork. They are now working on a re-release of Fairground, which will then be released as a CD and LP, as well as another live album.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: can be bought for 31.10 + charges (pre-sale) via Kultur Jena
Facebook Event:

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