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place4tears whalesdontcrySomewhat undecided between a completely new album and a new compilation, PLACE4TEARS mastermind Tyves Oben decided to simply combine the two and finish his 10-year-project at the same time. That’s how ‘Whales don’t cry for suicide u.p.’ came about. A PLACE4TEARS compilation album which consists of the typical sound backdrop, cover and remix versions of their last long player ‘The Silent Flame’. The musical spectrum ranges from Darkwave / Shoegaze and old school gothic rock to aggressive industrial parts that remind you of Nine Inch Nails. Today, we are giving away three albums ‘Whales Don't Cry For Suicide u.p.’. If you like to win one of them, please send an email until 25th June 2013 with the headline "Place4Tears" to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include your full name and your postal address. Winners will be notified. Good Luck!

‘Whales Don't Cry For Suicide u.p.’ is nearly the end of the band’s career. Three more EPs will follow until the project finally calls it quits. The first of those EPs is called ‘Illusion’ and will be out on 28th June 2013. Two or three month later, ‘Princess Valium‘ will follow before another two or three month later, ‘Lovesick’ will finally mark the end of the PLACE4TEARS era. The Tracklist of ‘Illusion’ looks like follows:

01. Illusion - Archway towers mix by Mark Douglas
02. Tears of Avalon - Below the sunken island mix by scarless arms
03. Illusion - German version by Oberer Totpunkt
04. Yearning – Volkmar Version
05. Illusion - TxB mix by Tragic Black
06. The endless silent march of the mummyfied bugs

Here are the covers of the first two EPs, the pictures are made by Liane Vogel:

place4tears illusionplace4tears princessvalium

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