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wiegand floatingawayThis is the first single release from the upcoming full length album ‘released’, coming this autumn 2018. This single contains gorgeous remixes from FROZEN PLASMA, T.O.Y. and many more! WIEGAND is the project of Helge Wiegand. Some of you might already know him as occasional keyboard player in DIORAMA or member of T.O.Y. He started composing music at the age of 14, only letting his closest friends having a listen. Music and art being a permanent companion, although going different directions professionally. Music permanently tries to convince him to devote more time to it and breathing spaces allow the creation of scattered compositions, like fragments of a wanderer moving between the worlds.

Helge Wiegand met Torben Wendt in 2013, who recognized his musical potential and hired him for playing keyboards and doing backing vocals for his band DIORAMA when playing the Blackfield Festival. Mutual shows in Germany, Poland, Denmark and Israel followed up due to the positive feedback. Helge met Volker Lutz, singer and songwriter from the band T.O.Y at a concert in Leipzig and receives the offer to play keyboards and do backing vocals as a permanent member of the band in August 2017. Surrounded and inspired by music, Helge now decides to spend time on producing his own album finally and turns his plans into action at the beginning of 2018. His solo album hits the market in late autumn 2018.

Subjects like the increasing alienation in fast-paced present times (‘Down the memory lane’), the recollections of his own youth (‘Time’), the faith in oneself’s power (‘The room’) or submerging into the music and festival - world (‘Floating Away’) overall show WIEGAND’s intention, interpreting own experiences and views in a musical way; planting pictures and merciless catchy tunes into the listener’s head. His songwriting is of electrical nature, pop-orientated, 1980s influenced, sometimes softly melancholic, piano-biased but always highly melodic with a dose of “edge”. With ‘floating away’ WIEGAND now lifts the first single from his album, to hit the clubs with renowned re-mixes e.g. Vasi Vallis (FROZEN PLASMA). In those clubs it shall happen what the intention of the song is: Forget about the every-day-routine, emerge into another world, become a wanderer between the worlds.

01. Floating Away
02. Floating Away (Frozen Plasma Remix)
03. Floating Away (T.O.Y. Remix)
04. Floating Away (Mental Discipline Remix)
05. Floating Away (Midnight Resistance Remix)
06. Floating Away (Superikone Retro Remix)
07. Floating Away (Wiegand Aftershow Remix)

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