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pahl oneIn Leipzig, a radio presenter, a philosopher and a neurosurgeon got together and created a project for epic industrial pop music: ¡-PAHL-!

Writing history with ¡-PAHL-! Today: The way to the own PAHLace - 2014. Three friends. One goal. Success in music. One dies. Grief and pain. Then: Determination. A nameless project. Experiments in the studio. Sound fragments. Promising. But something important is missing: The voice. Waiting for Godot. From Godot Peter arises. Awakening of ¡-PAHL-!. Song by song. Nine at the end, that couldn’t be more different. Calm and moving. Epic and proud. The debut album ‘I’. On March 31, 2022. Organic and electronic, full of risk and antinomy. Check out

To get you in the mood, we recommend three songs from the album, for which there are already videos:

Source: Press Release

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