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fjoergyn terrasatanica
Artist: Fjoergyn
Title: Terra Satanica
Genre: Avantgarde Black Metal
Release Date: 9th April 2016
Label: Trollzorn

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Succeeding their 2013 album ‘Monument Erde’, the ‘Terra Satanica’ EP by FJOERGYN proves a first glimpse of new material. Especially the first song, ‘Terra Satanica’ includes a cross-over from elements of classical, symphonic music and harsher metal. However, the rest of the EP comes off as very experimental, difficult to digest. Although a couple of interesting and promising ideas are included, the overall conception is still relatively rough. However, as tastes diverge, some people might find appeal in precisely this.

Conclusion: Edgy, but promising.

Rating: 6 / 10

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