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bloodbrothers ethereal
Artist: Blood Brothers
Title: Ethereal
Genre: Rock / Metal
Release Date: 31st May 2019
Label: self-released

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Lately I decided to roam the web for some unknown bands, I settled on doing so via Facebook and Instagram and it works like a charm. I was contacted by this young men via Instagram and they had a lot to tell about who they are and what they do. BLOOD BROTHERS’ vocalist Kyatt Desai is 17 years old and he introduced his band as the youngest Metal band from India (Drona Desai - 13 – Drums / Kaushik Srinivas - 15 - Keyboards / Jagdish Jethva - 26 - Bass and band oldie Snehal Desai - 43 - Rhythm guitar). The complete record was produced by Kyatt Desai (impressing af); the band’s songs revolve around war, superficial divisions of mankind (religious, cultural, colour based).

Conclusion: I wouldn’t exactly use the term Metal to describe BLOOD BROTHERS’ music, rather Rock music with a dose of Pprog, good stuff to take one’s mind off things but not really Metal. If Kyatt decides to follow that path and evolves into a Metal vocalist I see a sunny future for BLOOD BROTHERS.

Rating: 6 / 10

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