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spiritadrift dividedbydarkness
Artist: Spirit Adrift
Title: Divided by Darkness
Genre: Heavy Metal / Doom
Release Date: 10th May 2019
Label: 20 Buck Spin

Review Flash

2019 is a good year in terms of music, at least it is for me (I am back writing reviews and that is fucking awesome). Oh almost forgot... it is an awesome year because I just discovered this band that started out as a one man project: SPIRIT ADRIFT. They have been around for about three years and until a few weeks ago, mastermind and martial arts aficionado Nate Garrett flew under my Heavy Metal radar. Founded in 2015 Garrett started the band, as mentioned above, as a one man project but for the second record he assembled a few contributors: bass man Chase Mason, drummer Marcus Bryant and that fine guitar dude Jeff Owens. If you listen to SPIRIT ADRIFT you would never guess that band chief-in-command Garrett played in a Death Metal band named GATECREEPER. It’s like a really tough version of OZZY OSBOURNE era BLACK SABBATH but with a vocalist I really dig (sorry Oz). Nate Garrett surrounds himself with kick-ass musicians and is a very good guitarist/ vocalist, fun fact: I never heard of SPIRIT ADRIFT until I visited a local Saturn Market (for the international readers it’s like Bestbuy, Target or Radioshack) and there I found SPIRIT ADRIFT, so I checked them out and instantly wanted to do a review about them.

Conclusion: The best way to describe SPIRIT ADRIFT’s sound? Take 70s BLACK SABBATH add a little PANTERA aggression (only the rhythm section), mix OZZY OSBOURNE with PAPA EMERITUS and while you do that listen to KYUSS and burn it down.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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