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Artist: Havok
Title: Conformicide
Genre: in your face Thrash Metal
Release Date: 10th March 2017
Label: Century Media

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Oooookay I know I’m late with this one (I was inactive for quite some time so deal with it and it won’t be the last time). HAVOK is quite well-known among Thrash heads. The foursome from Denver, Colorado is around since 2004 and they crafted four teeth baring records. Vocalist David Sanchez’ voice is the beautiful bastard of Bobby Blitz and Dave Mustaine, drum-beast Pete Webber is fast as a shark and his breakdowns and fills bite like a great white. Topping it off are Reece Scruggs on the lead guitar (what a funky stuff on ‘Ingsoc’) and Nick “dropping the Bass” Schendzielos. ‘Conformicide’ is a rifle with twelve bullets waiting to tear through you and leave you in bits and pieces. ‘Ingsoc’ is really surprisingly funky in parts and ‘Masterplan’ is one ugly piece of audible napalm. If you like bands like: WARBRINGER, EXODUS or OVERKILL you are in for a treat.

Conclusion: ‘Conformicide’ is a 12-piece strong, wicked, exhausting beast of an output. Although really back-breaking if listened to in one session I had fun listening to it because you hear that HAVOK knows their trade and they sound angry as fucking hell, I kinda like that...

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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