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steak slabcity
Artist: Steak
Title: Slab City
Genre: Stoner Rock
Release Date: 5th September 2014
Label: Napalm Records

Review Flash

Greetings from the Crypt fellas, another review I should have done years ago but couldn’t due to a massive ever growing flood of awesome music that is released per minute (feels like it). I’ve been away for some time and now I review everything I can get my hands on like a famished Heavy Metal wolf. STEAK was formed in 2010 by four meat-eating Stoner Rock playing dudes by the names of Kip (Vocals), Cam (Bass), Reece (Guitar) and Sammy (Sammy). STEAK is hailing from London and they play Stoner Rock without compromise; the band plays their stuff with humour and tease a little drug abuse in their lyrics (Quaaludes and Interludes), I don’t know who was the target of the song ‘Pisser’, but I guess maybe he deserves the title. In the label description STEAK is compared to KYUSS, well that is a bit hyperbolic in my opinion but hey... STEAK play a rough kind of Rock, really dry and un-agitated but the only song I really get a bit of a KYUSS vibe is ‘Pisser’ but that is owed to ex KYUSS singer John Garcia’s contribution to the song.

Conclusion: a nice Stoner Rock record but not to be compared or confused with KYUSS (I was hyped when I read the labels description and maybe hardly any band could have met my expectations).

Rating: 6 / 10

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