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introArena, Leipzig, Germany
22nd November 2014
Beatsteaks & Bilderbuch

On their “Creep Management Tour” through Germany, the BEATSTEAKS also come over to play in Leipzig a well-filled arena concert, which is uniquely suited to dance and celebrate.


BILDERBUCH is a Punk Rock band from Austria, which was founded in 2005. Their music shows influences from various genres, including progressive rock, art-punk, indie rock and hip hop. They have already released two studio albums and won several music awards in Austria. The band consists of Maurice Ernst, Michael Krammer, Peter Horazdovsky and Philip Scheibl. /


Music & Performance
To be the opening act is probably one of the most thankless jobs in the world: the audience doesn’t listen, it indeed mostly not even exist - and actually all rejoice when you finally leaves the stage to make way for the headliners. Nevertheless, some bands can carry away the audience, some even more than the main act. The band BILDERBUCH from Vienna doesn’t belong to them: Unfortunately, with their strong Muse-shaped electro-rock, the four Austrians delivered at most a solid performance. They did not manage to inspire me and it went for the rest of the audience nearly the same way. For example, many met rather in the peripheral areas and while smoking they waited together for the main act.

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10



The BEATSTEAKS are an alternative rock / punk band from Berlin which is exists since 1995. The band joins beside other bands like DIE ÄRZTE and DIE TOTEN HOSEN in the row of one of the commercially most successful punk rock band of Germany. Peter Baumann, Stefan Hircher, Alexander Roßwaag and Bernd Kurtzke founded the BEATSTEAKS in 1995. Shortly after Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß came as a singer and additional guitarist to the band. The Berlin guys created the breakthrough in 2004 with the album ‘Smack Smash’. /


Music & Performance
Finally after a short break, the punk rockers from Berlin should show their faces. They played ‘Up on the Roof’ still behind a curtain which was finally pulled away in the course of the song. Now there was no stopping for the fans. The room literally exploded. Mosh pits were formed at each corner and if you looked into people's faces, you recognized that more the every second knew the songs by heart. The five capital city guys have got in almost 20 years, a substantial repertoire which they fully exploit this evening. After the third song, ‘Monster’, Arnim welcomes the crowd: "We are the BEATSTEAKS from Berlin". The first real highlight, in which the crowd of a disco finally turns to a rock concert is ‘Jane Became Insane’. You only could sing extensively along and jump around. The following song, ‘Summer’, is almost already celebrated. ‘Let Me In’ could not be missed out on any BEATSTEAKS concert. There was no need for Arnim to animate the crowd for the mandatory “sitting down”, the fans did this already themselves. Then disengaged collectively once. As usual, an absolutely catching moment. Also Arnim is full in his element.


After ‘Hand in Hand’, the five leave the stage for the first time. Of course they come back to play only shortly afterwards ‘Under A Clear Sky’, a creative mix version of ‘Automatic’ and ‘Cut Off The Top’. Again, they disappear. And again they come back. With ‘Hey Du’, as desired by Peter, a sea of lights from lighters was appearing in the audience. After ‘I do not care as long as you sing’, they went back from the stage. And again the BEATSTEAKS return. This seems to go on forever and you became even friends with the thought to drive to work right after the concert. However, then after ‘So Lonely’, the show finally ends. Stage and lighting effects are simply decorated during the whole time. Special features include four satellites that reflect the black light and thus achieve a beautiful effect. Changing curtains behind the band complete the picture. If you want to describe the evening with a word, “party” is the right thing. Of course, only the musicians BEATSTEAKS are like many others, but on stage they seem like a street gang: dangerous, wild and yet somehow attractive. A sight that should not be missed, because the BEATSTEAKS are on tour until 16th December.


What a night. All the classics were played, the mood was as usual at the zenith. This will not be the last visit to a concert of BEATSTEAKS for sure. The BEATSTEAKS have succeeded once again proved that they have lost none of their live qualities over the years.

01. Up on the Roof
02. As I Please
03. Monster
04. Cheap Comments
05. DANN
06. Everything went Black
07. Jane Became Insane
08. A Real Paradise
09. Summer
10. To be Strong
11. Gentlemen of the Year
12. Milk & Honey
13. Let me in
14. SaySaySay
15. Demons Galore
16. Ain’t Complaining
17. Beast of Burden (The Rolling Stones Cover)
18. Hello JJoe
19. Hand in Hand
20. Under a Clear Blue Sky
21. Cut off the Top
22. Automatic
23. Hey Du (Ilona Schulz Cover)
24. Frieda und die Bomben (Fu Manchu Cover)
25. I don’t care as long as you sing
26. I Never Was
27. Atomic Love
28. Fool
29. So Lonley (The Police Cover)

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 10
Light: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10


All pictures from Dortmund by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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