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metalian vortex
Artist: Metalian
Title: Vortex
Genre: Heavy / Speed Metal
Release Date: 12th July 2019
Label: High Roller Records

Review Flash

METALIAN were originally formed in Montréal, Canada, in 2003 by vocalist/ guitarist Ian Wilson who soon discovered he could hit the high notes of none other than the metal god himself Rob Halford (I checked and yeah he is a screaming demon). Ian (vox) comes out to play with Tony (drums), Andres Arango (bass) and Simon (guitars). This high-speed projectile of an album is METALIAN’s second long-play album after the 2009 output ‘Wasteland’. This band takes no prisoners in terms of speed and heaviness, Ian screams blissfully through the songs and yes he can hit the shit out of the high notes (I’m a sucker for high notes, oh yeah). The sound of METALIAN is a tribute to true ass kicking, fast old-school Metal and I really dig that. ‘Land of the Brave’ is true as fuck and reminds me more than an just little bit of stuff like RIOT’s ‘Thundersteel’. This record makes me thirsty.

Conclusion: Don’t listen to this while driving, you might start a car-chase with the highway patrol!

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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