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knightmare spacenights
Artist: Knightmare
Title: Space Nights
Genre: US Power Metal
Release Date: 4th October 2019
Label: Rafchild Records

Review Flash

And another hit from the underground: KNIGHTMARE is a Heavy Metal band from North Carolina formed in 2010 by three best friends. After completing the line-up and getting their music together they brought out their debut, ‘Damned and Forsaken’, in 2012. ‘Space Nights’ is their fourth output and a real nice one at that. Rafael Päbst of Rafchild Records was so nice to provide me with this fresh and very traditional record and here we are again listening to pure steel dripping out of this rather expensive sound system. Twin guitars, old-school screams, tight drumming and enjoyable bass-work are what makes it a pleasure to listen to KNIGHTMAREs epic NWOBHM inspired sound that lends everything it needs from the best of sources. I get reminded of THIN LIZZY and a number of AOR moments such as the backing vocals of the song ‘Space Nights’ this shit is pure gold! I really, really like the vocals of Anthony Micale and the backing vocals too and even aside the vocals KNIGHTMARE is very special musically, catchy instant cult I want to see in German venues as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Check out this gem, just give the intro ‘The Conqueror’ and ‘Space Nights’ a listen.

Rating: 9 / 10

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