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lowrider refractions
Artist: Lowrider
Title: Refractions
Genre: Stoner Metal / Rock
Release Date: 21st February 2020
Label: Blues Funeral Recordings

Review Flash

LOWRIDER is for Sweden what KYUSS is for America: Stoner Gods what else? Formed in Sweden in 1997 by bassist / singer Peder Bergstrand and lead guitarist / singer Ole Hellquist, along with guitarist Niclas Stalfors and drummer Andreas Eriksson. The band was on hiatus from 2003 to 2013 but came back to play at Desertfest in Berlin in 2013, obviously they tasted blood because from time to time they played a gig and now they are back with a new full-length record called ‘Refractions’ this is to come out in February and if you dig your Stoner music this will entertain you in a big way. The comparisons to KYUSS are totally OK, this is stoner rock at its best. It is fuzzy, slow burning, stoned out ass kicking rock. LOWRIDER did not forget a bit, still heavy as fuck and well arranged by all participating artists.

Conclusion: If you are a fan of slow, psychedelic music to chill to you will want to take a pull of LOWRIDER...

Rating: 7 / 10

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