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lordsofsalem hellofsalem
Artist: Lords Of Salem
Title: Hell Over Salem EP
Genre: Hard Rock / Goth Rock
Release Date: 31 October 2018
Label: Spinnup

Review Flash

Just recently I was contacted by Marple, the bassist of the LORDS OF SALEM, as I am constantly searching for unknown bands to showcase them in my reviews. We quickly came to the agreement that I would do a write-up for his band. Here’s what the band has to say: “The EP ‘Hell over Salem’ was mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler (PRIMAL FEAR, BRAINSTORM, SONIC SYNDICATE etc.). The pre-production & recording was completed together with Roland Hrastinski.”

The 4-song EP is a mix of classic Hard Rock fused with Goth and Punk influences, here and there you can hear Industrial parts (which is a drawback for me as I never ever review Industrial or any kind of Electronic music). Postel’s voice has its moments but sometimes he lets his voice break as a stylistic device but there are only a few voices that can get away with it (Glen Hansard perfected it). Sometimes he sounds like Ian Astbury and that are the good moments.

Conclusion: At the moment this is not independent and honest enough, too much influences and styles come together and they don’t blend that well. Drop the Industrial parts or use them in every song. Right now the band is still in need of a definitive sound.

Rating: 6 / 10

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