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wulfpack waraintover
Artist: Wulfpäck
Title: War Ain’t Over
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 31st August 2018
Label: Violent Creek Records

Review Flash

Thanks to Facebook and me being an extrovert Heavy Metal journalist and supporter of all that is underground (limited to the borders of my taste) I meet interesting people. One of those is Lorenz Kandolf, bassist of WULFPÄCK. Lorenz plays in WULFPÄCK and the better known TRAITOR and seems to be an overall nice dude. WULFPÄCK was formed in 2013 by Justin Entwistle (guitar, vocals), Dennis Rusnjak (guitar), Bobby Roth (bass) and Justin Henneberger (drums) in Bavaria. After lots of gigs here and there and a slot at the Dong Open Air Henneberger and Roth left the band. Janis Reichert stepped in for Henneberger and beat the shit out of his kit until 2018 when he was superseded by Armano Persau. 2018 saw the full-length debut ‘War Ain’t Over’. WULFPÄCK is nothing for the faint of heart music-wise, most of the time Justin just rips and tears through the songs like some kind of rabid were-wolf. Here and there accompanied by gang shouts these guys won't have problems to find a big audience.

Conclusion: Check out the records most diverse and melodic song ‘Glorycide’.

Rating: 7 / 10

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