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casketsopen concreterealmsofpain
Artist: Caskets Open
Title: Concrete Realms Of Pain
Genre: Doom
Release Date: 20th March 2020
Label: Nine Records

Review Flash

It’s a good day to Doom... this evening with Finland’s CASKETS OPEN. Formed in 2007 these three gentlemen offer us their fourth full-length record ‘Concrete Realms Of Pain’. CASKETS OPEN’s Doom is a bastard of epic Doom moments mixed with brutal Punk outbursts that successfully circumnavigate the classic structures. To be honest I was not aware of the Punk parts and almost had a heart-attack while blasting it over my headphones. The best way to compare it sound-wise is TYPE 0 NEGATIVE or maybe REVEREND BIZARRE.

Conclusion: The classic Doom parts are right up my alley but I don’t get the appeal of the Punk parts and the yelling, it is what makes CASKETS OPEN different but it also hinders me to rate this record any higher.

Rating: 6 / 10

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