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lordvigo dansedenoir
Artist: Lord Vigo
Title: Danse De Noir
Genre: Epic Doom Metal
Release Date: 10th April  2020
Label: High Roller Records

Review Flash

A Doom band whose name is Ghostbusters II’s main villain? I’m in! So bring it on LORD VIGO. LORD VIGO formed in Landstuhl, Germany in the year 2014. Originally writing songs about sword and sorcery LORD VIGO changed their approach  and now try Sci-fi for a change. Vinz Clorthro (vocals and the key master of Ghostbusters part one) is clearly influenced by bands like CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETERNUS (in a press text he adds MANILLA ROAD and WITCHFINDER GENERAL). The Only song I really don’t like is the title track but that is due to the French spoken word parts (sounds strange and does not blend well). The vocals are odd but cool and work well with the patterns and landscapes that Tony (Bass), Zildrohar (guitar, bass), Nunzio (guitar), Zuul (bass) and Ivo (drums) create. I really dig the epic and although there is a little cheese here and there I was never one to be against a bit of pathos.

Conclusion: A nice piece of Doom music, if you can’t get enough of well-played epic Doom you need to check out LORD VIGO.

Rating: 8 / 10

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