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courseoffate mindweaver
Artist: Course Of Fate
Title: Mindweaver
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: 15th May 2020
Label: Roar! Rock Of Angels Records

Review Flash

I have always been a sucker for conceptual albums and Kenneth Henriksen does a great job with COURSE OF FATE and the new record ‘Mindweaver’ satisfying my proggy needs. Spherical compositions shoulder to shoulder with rough rocking prog pieces that will have you salivating for more. Eivind Gunnesen on vocals is a phenomenal discovery (he does it all rough parts, high notes, clean etc.). The transitions in rhythm and melody and the convoluted structures really blow your mind. Not only is this a great Prog Metal record it is also good enough not to pale next to the current TOOL and PSYCHOTIC WALTZ outputs (yes I am aware what I just said). COURSE OF FATE is not as dark as TOOL but they can do complex as fuck songs, they are not as virtuosic as PSYCHOTIC WALTZ but they manage to pull on my heartstrings because of the QUEENSRYCHE moments when they don’t act complex but just very melodic and calm (the song ‘Drifting Away’ is a great example for this).

Conclusion: Highly recommended for fans of QUEENSRYCHE, SPOCK’S BEARD and AYREON

Rating: 10 / 10

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