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witchtower witchesdomain
Artist: Witchtower
Title: Witches’ Domain
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 6th February 2020
Label: Unsilent Tombs Records

Review Flash

Only about forty minutes before the witching hour and I listen to Spain’s WITCHTOWER Victor De La Chica formed all by himself in 2012. WITCHTOWER is a one-man band when it comes to writing and recording but De La Chica has assembled a bunch of talented guys for touring. Aside from De La Chica’s very distinctive vocals one could swear this is 80s US Metal / NWOBHM sound-wise. A bit epic, a bit cheesy but really classy with an oddly occult feeling all around. ‘Witches’ Domain’ is WITCHTOWER’s third full-length record and folks I can only state: it rips! Imagine the sound of bands like IRON MAIDEN, DIAMOND HEAD or ANGEL WITCH but with a kick-ass vocalist that has a nice Spanish accent. Aside from the vocals the rest of the musical opus is nonetheless expertly played, riffs and hooks like in the days of old, a bass you can really hear and accentuated drumming that not only leads the overall narration but also tells his own story.

Conclusion: If you dig the immortal classics of the NWOBHM you should be a fan already, if you don’t know WITCHTOWER yet you should catch up to it now.

Rating: 9 / 10

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