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mazzeri st
Artist: Mazzeri
Title: Mazzeri
Genre: Doom
Release Date: 30th March 2020
Label: Self-released

Review Flash

Once again I review total underground and DIY music but this time it is a Doom band called MAZZERI. Let’s start by citing the press text the provided me with: “At the dawn of the year 2017, MAZZERI was founded with a common agreement to take a personal revenge on the repeated failures of each member within the small islander scene. Drawing from the folklore intrinsic to the Corsican culture, the band chose the mazzeru’s figure as emblem to help forge their identity, crafting a personal style at the crossing of Epic Doom, Progressive Rock and a tortured version of traditional Heavy Metal. Between January and December 2019, MAZZERI isolated themselves to self-produce their first album. The mastering was entrusted to James Plotkin, veteran of the genre who put the final touch to years of relentless work. The result is a tale in four parts were divination, morbid rituals, glory and mourning pay a last homage to the hopes and defeats of each.”

OK first things first, this is not what you expect when you read the wonderful words Epic Doom, MAZZERI have a modern twist to their approach. A kind of psychedelic Post Rock, artsy and a bit proggy but mostly its heavy waves of sound layering upon each other (the fuzz is strong with this one). The vocals are not a starring role in this colossus of sounds weaving into each other, guitar, bass and drums are what defines MAZZERI.

Conclusion: It’s heavy, it’s deep but it isn’t epic in my humble opinion (no castles or dragons anywhere ). Check them out:

Rating: 6 / 10

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