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blacksachbak blacksachbakvsthefuture
Artist: Black Sachbak
Title: Black Sachbak vs. the Future
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 22nd February 2019
Label: Combat / EMP

Review Flash

Part 4 of my little Corona Crisis Project! This time I get to listen to BLACK SACHBAK, an Israeli Thrash band from Tel-Aviv, yeah that is pretty exotic and cool. At first, we will endure the obligatory citing again: “First started at 2010 in Petah-Tiqua near Tel-Aviv, with the ambition to be everything that’s not like other Metal bands here, or worldwide. since than the band has performed a lot, recorded some demos, released our debut album ‘No Pay No Gain’ (officially releases on 23rd June 2014), and now is out to conquer planet Earth.”

OK after giving this a few spins I state this: Anti-Capitalist Thrash from Israel is fast, political and laden with Hardcore elements, gang shouts here and there and an overall Punk attitude to the compositions makes BLACK SACHBACK more of a modern Metal band. Although I’m not always sure of the language Eliran uses to belt one out I’m pretty sure these guys have a thankful audience. The hardcore elements and the noisiness of the vocals are not my cup of tea but that is entirely my problem, I think for the core audience this is great fun.

Conclusion: If you thrashers out there rock out to bands like: FORBIDDEN, GAMA BOMB or NUCLEAR ASSAULT check out BLACK SACHBAK!

Rating: 7 / 10

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