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waxmekanix mobocracy
Artist: Wax Mekanix
Title: Mobocracy
Genre: Hard Rock / Folk
Release Date: 21st November 2020
Label: Electric Talon Records

Review Flash

Once upon a time there were a band called NITRO, way back in the early 80s being kind of an answer to the NWOBHM. One of their founding members was Waxim “Wax” Ulysses Mekanix and Wax still has plenty to say to the worlds and society’s problems and struggles. Genre-wise this is a rough mix that is simply put: a matter of taste. There are moments when the compositions border on Folk / Country or even Pop when it comes to a lack of harshness. Wax is a decent vocalist and this redeems a lot of stuff that is not up my alley style-wise. To put three different versions of the song ‘Victorious’ on this release borders on cockiness (I am not a fan of any version of that song). ‘All Freaks’ is just a country song that should have never graced my ears as it neither fits my blog nor any platform I am working for (the only redeeming bit about this song is that it has got a Neil Diamond feel to it). As time goes by and I work through this I realize that there are three songs on this record that have more than one mix, normally the only musicians that have different mixes on their releases are Pop music musicians. If you like folk and quite a bit of acoustic guitars you might like this, if you long for metal this ain’t the place for you.

Conclusion: I expected more Hard Rock, there is almost no Hard Rock at all to be found here.

Rating: 5 / 10

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