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Artist: Kurs Valüt
Title: Kurs Valüt
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 26th June 2021
Label: No EMB Blanc

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It’s all got a bit crowded out there, so the options are getting increasingly narrow - find something that’s not been done before and do a bit of trailblazing, or do something that’s been done before but do it well. Sprinkle a bit of your individuality over the top, make it your own, no-one will judge you harshly for that. Even Shakespeare nabbed his ideas, and probably some of those famous quips, from his contemporaries. And so, it is possible to make sexless, cold electronica sound exciting, chilling, sinister, and even strangely sensual. It is possible to make repetitive, robotic beats that still fill a dancefloor, that encourage that itchy urge to dance and move and express yourself. And it’s possible to have deadpan vocals that still convey a million things, whether that be a frightening blankness, a dystopian signpost, or an extension of synthesised music’s revolutionary expansion into AI. The problem with ‘Kurs Valüt’ - by KURS VALÜT - is that it is absolutely none of those things. Is the purpose here to make a statement and create music so boring and bored with itself that the cleverness of the idea at least shows some cerebral effort has been put in? Sadly not. It doesn’t even have the good grace to pretend to do that.

Conclusion: This would struggle to slouch through the door on day five at the village hall “Search For An Amateur” competition. Now go and get a proper job.

Rating: 2 / 10

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