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Artist: Bottomless
Title: Bottomless
Genre: Doom Metal
Release Date: 16th June 2021
Label: Spikerot Records

Review Flash

As most of you that do read my ramblings on a regular basis know, I am quite a big Doom Metal enthusiast. And this is the reason I am always happy to get to review bands lie BOTTOMLESS from Italy. BOTTOMLESS was formed in 2016 and they released three singles this year, just to prepare us for this nice complete package of a debut. Ok, to name your debut after the band itself is not the most creative thing to happen but BOTTOMLESS’ songs speak for themselves. Musically they are influenced by act like BLACK SABBATH (Ozzy era but with way better vocals) or TROUBLE (‘The Skull’ phase). Sara Bianchin’s bass is barely audible but I heard that is a good thing (I don’t know shit about music theory), the moments it is audible it tells a story of its own and I appreciate this pretty much. Davi Lucido’s drums are precise and ever present even if there is no demand for dominance through speed or loudness. Giorgio Trombino’s vocals are intimate, well executed and very fitting to the overall sound of the band (the guy could do power metal or pop, the range is dope). My favourites of the first few listenings are ‘Ash’ and ‘Vestige’ which both are totally different in approach to doom but still influenced by classic bands and styles like the 70s Doom Metal of BLACK SABBATH and even parts of the NWOBHM.

Conclusion: If you dig the old ones but still got a soft spot for bands like BELOW, KHEMMIS and PALLBEARER you should support BOTTOMLESS right now!

Rating: 8 / 10

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