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drahktar acrossthewasteland
Artist: Drahktar
Title: Across The Wasteland
Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Release Date: 18th April 2021
Label: Hellyeah Music

Review Flash

DRAHKTAR is a Brazilian Power Metal band that hails from the city of Porto Allegre, the band was formed in 2018. ‘Across The Wasteland’ is the band’s debut full-length. Sound-wise the compositions channel bands like SONATA ARCTICA, SYMPHONY X and even acts like DREAM THEATER. The tracks are rather long and very melodic but there is always room for a bit of shredding, epic keys and lots of Power Metal typical vocals (Lucas Vidal hits the sweet spots in the upper ranges). The Brazilian shred-commando that is Leonardo C Moura and Luis Fernando Moura (brothers I guess) really deliver from the get go, the rhythm section consisting of Angela Dalmas and Fabiano Lopes bring the beats and deep tunes to perfectly counter the hysteric highs and six-string breaks. Power Metal does not get any more Progressive without completely leaving its way.

Conclusion: Check this out, maybe it is a niche but it is a good one.

Rating: 7 / 10

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