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oathsc hallowedillusions
Artist: Oath SC
Title: Hallowed Illusions
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 29th July 2022
Label: self-released

Review Flash

OATH SC mastermind and jack of all trades Steven Waddell and me know each other for almost two years now, I reviewed his last record ‘Computer Warrior’, interviewed him for my YouTube channel and consider him an overall rad dude. What has this to do with his new output ‘Hallowed Illusions’? It is just a cheap way of writing a short introduction and get you, dear reader, and myself into the groove. It has been eight months, more or less, since I reviewed the last of Steven’s works and I am glad to get to return to writing about his music. OATH SC is well known for writing rad melodies and delivering captivating guitar parts on top of heartfelt lyrics sung by the dude himself. Sound-wise this is still underground and old-school as all hell, the inspirations are still the same but it feels like some were added for me and other freaks to stumble upon them while listening. The synths are a bit thicker and more present than usual (which is awesome and adds a lot to the classic approach Steven is following here). There is a big THIN LIZZY vibe in some of the songs, especially when the vocals are executed with that special kind of aggression and pressure. ‘Hallowed Illusions’ was mastered by none other than SEVEN SISTERS vocalist and riffing machine Kyle McNeill. The brilliant cover was done by the man Steven Waddell himself. If you don’t know OATH SC yet this is the perfect moment to check this out!

Conclusion: Just check out ‘Disposable’ or the title track ‘Hallowed Illusions’, if you are not on fire after those, you might want to check for a pulse!

Rating: 8 / 10

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